Workshops and Retreats

Gong Sound Bath

This is a beginner friendly workshop using basic Kundalini methods of pranayama, movement and meditation. This is an 75-minute workshop. The last 30-minutes is a sound bath.

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Yoga, Sound Healing and Creativity

This workshop is an all levels class based on Kundalini movements for opening up the seven chakras. Once the movement is complete, students experience a gong sound bath which focuses on creativity and inspiration. Art supplies are provided for students to express a reflection of their experience. 2 1/2 hours of transformation and fun!

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Yoga in Beautiful Places - Oaxaca, Mexico

Travel to Oaxaca with Open Heart Tours and amazing tour guide, Janie Cravens. Experience the beauty and awe of the mountains in central Mexico. Oaxaca is a colonial city in Mexico that has retained its indigenous culture and artisans. Travel to artists villages surrounding Oaxaca including all the weaving, pottery and sculptures. The culinary arts and folk music is also a big attraction. Also see one of the wonders of the world, Monte Alban. Oh yeah, we also do yoga each day to encourage a restful sleep at night and increase vitality during the day.

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