What is Sound Therapy?

Recently I attended a workshop to learn how to use Himalayan Singing Bowls for Sound Therapy. Everitt Allan with Sound Therapy of Austin led the workshop and I was lucky to catch him before he moved to the Pacific Northwest. We will sincerely miss seeing Everitt around town with his singing bowls!

In this workshop, we learned all about the history of the singing bowls, which has been traced back to Tibet and the Himalayans around the 8th century AD and Buddha’s birth. The technique for making these bowls has been handed down for centuries. It is said the bowls are created with seven sacred metals including gold, silver, copper, tin, iron, lead and mercury. Most of these metals are just in trace amount with the majority being copper (around 80%) and tin (around 20%).

The singing bowls are hammered by 3-4 people, one to hold the hot metal with tongs and the others to rhythmically chant and hammer the metal into shape. This process takes many hours depending on the size of the bowl.

In a sound therapy session, the client lies down on their back or stomach, depending on their therapeutic needs. They may also sit in a chair, if that is more comfortable and suits the situation. Once comfortable, the therapist plays the bowls nearby or directly on the person. When played the vibrations and sounds are calming and transformative. The individual is put into a state of relaxation almost immediately. The client’s breathing, heart rate, and brain waves slow down, giving the body a chance to rejuvenate. When the body is in a state of deep relaxation, this gives the client’s body, mind and spirit a chance to repair itself instead of being distracted by outside concerns.

All in all, this is an experience you do not want to miss. My sound healing sessions also include the therapeutic sounds of the gong.
Please fill out the contact sheet below if you would like to book a session. For a limited time, I am offering 1/2 off the regular price!

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