Private Sessions

One-on-One Hatha Session

Have you been working hard to improve your yoga practice in a public class and want to take it a step further? Are you unsure if you are doing certain poses correctly? Do you feel you are making progress, but then you injure yourself? I can help you build a personal practice and help you with your alignment so you are less likely to get injured. We can discuss your goals, and I can help you create a flow of poses which helps increase your strength and flexibility.

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Guided Meditation

Do you want to work on your meditation practice? Is stress ruling your life and you want to find a way to improve your life? I can help you improve your meditation practice and help you clear your mind of anxiety and stress. A guided meditation is like receiving an emotional massage. After a series of poses, pranayama, and movement, I will lead you through a guided meditation / visualization. After a period of silence, sound will be introduced with either drums, singing bowls, chimes or a gong.

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Transformational Sound Bath

Are you super stressed and ready for some relaxation? Do you feel stuck in your life? Is grief or sadness weighing you down? A transformational sound bath may be precisely what you need. I will lead you through some stretches and yoga poses to prepare your body to receive the healing sound vibrations of singing bowls, drums, chimes or the gong. Once you are prepared, you may sit in a meditative posture or lie down comfortably on the floor. An amazing medley of sounds awaits you.

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