Gong Yoga in Costa Rica

This last April I learned to play the gong. You’re probably thinking, “what does it take to play the gong? Isn’t it just getting a mallet and striking it?” As I have discovered, there is much more to it than just hitting the gong once and listening to the crashing creciendo of sound I experienced at the gong show.

As I mentioned in my last blog post , this curiosity lead me to a retreat in Costa Rica where I participated in Kundalini yoga and learned all the basics of playing the gong.

The retreat was at Blue Spirit. This yoga retreat center was adjacent to a beautiful, practically private, beach and a monkey preserve for the Howler monkeys.These monkeys woke us up every morning with their wild and very loud cries.

After waking up to the Howler monkeys each morning, we went to a Sunrise Kundalini and meditation class followed by a delicious vegan breakfast. This retreat center has beautiful accommodations and serves amazing farm-to-table food. They even published a cookbook, which my daughter Shelly and I purchased.

The time after breakfast and early afternoon were reserved for learning to play the gong, the five elements and Ayurveda as well as relaxing, hanging out at the beach or pool, and participating in excursions which we definitely took part in. One of my favorite days included zip lining through the jungle during the day then in the evening we watched the sunset and the full moon rise.

Evenings were often spent in Kundalini and meditation classes and gong “sound baths”. If you are interested in participating in a similar retreat, check out this link for upcoming yoga retreats to Costa Rica.

My next blog will be about my path to healing and self discovery through yoga.

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