Gong Yoga

Come Experience a Gong Sound Bath

Enjoy an afternoon of relaxation! We will begin with some simple Kundalini yoga exercises to prepare our body and mind for the experience of sound therapy. Then you will have the opportunity to sit or lie down in a comfortable position. The sounds of the singing bowls and gong will begin.

Gong Yoga in Costa Rica

This last April I learned to play the gong. You’re probably thinking, “what does it take to play the gong? Isn’t it just getting a mallet and striking it?” As I have discovered, there is much more to it than just hitting the gong once and listening to the crashing creciendo of sound I experienced at the gong show.

Is Gong Yoga for You?

Some people have asked me how I decided to start using a gong in my practice and teaching. It started a few years ago when I felt compelled to go to one of Yoga Yoga’s New Year’s Day Gong Concerts. I thought it sounded interesting and I asked my daughter Shelly to go with me.

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