June 2018

Getting quiet and listening

I know I told you all my next blog would be about “My path…” but I realize most of that story is already written on my website bio page. What I really want to talk about today is one of the biggest benefits I have found in practicing yoga: Getting quiet and listening. You might be asking “What does this mean?” I am planning to tell you!

Gong Yoga in Costa Rica

This last April I learned to play the gong. You’re probably thinking, “what does it take to play the gong? Isn’t it just getting a mallet and striking it?” As I have discovered, there is much more to it than just hitting the gong once and listening to the crashing creciendo of sound I experienced at the gong show.

Is Gong Yoga for You?

Some people have asked me how I decided to start using a gong in my practice and teaching. It started a few years ago when I felt compelled to go to one of Yoga Yoga’s New Year’s Day Gong Concerts. I thought it sounded interesting and I asked my daughter Shelly to go with me.

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